Concept development and feasibility studies

From rough ideas to detailed desciptions MDC can assist with studies, estimates, drawings, calculations and specifications towards realisation of a project.

Feasibility studies and concept evaluations should be performed in order to develop designs achieving the optimum balance of:

  • Ship dimensions and capacities
  • Speed and installed power
  • Cargo handling and arrangement solutions
  • Investment and operation costs

MDC performs concept development and feasibility studies which includes all naval architectural, marine engineering and related technical calculations:

  • Requirement studies: Regulations and compliance, consequences, environmental footprint, Hazid, GAP
  • Feasibility studies: Vessel design, dimensions and hullform parametric study, arrangements, propulsion configuration, performance characteristics
  • Concept evaluations: Operational profile, cargo handling and terminals, machinery, fuel type and emissions, ship comparison
  • Cost studies: Building and operational costs, materials and production, consumption and emissions, CapEx & OpEx, LCC
  • Risk analysis: Concept risk, performance risk, operational risk

During the concept phase ideas and proposals are developed and evaluated, the following documentation are prepared:

  • Concept Specification
  • Lay-Out General Arrangement
  • Design Data Sheet

If concluding the project is technical viable and before entering into the tendering phase the required tender documentation will be prepared.