Basic design, class/approval design and engineering

MDC provides all basic design documentation required by Class and Authorities.

MDC will carry through the projects in close contact with clients, authorities and class societies, based on experience for most ship types and using modern design tools in the process.

By utilizing the resources of our partners, ships will be designed and engineered at a competitive cost, quality and delivery time.

Typical basic design scope of delivery:


  • Scantling criteria & loads
  • Structure scantling calculations
  • Structural design plan approval drawings

Hydro & Stability:

  • Stability & capacity calculations
  • Weight calculations
  • Speed/Power/Model test

Machinery & Systems:

  • System capacity calculations and schematic drawings
  • Machinery arrangements


  • System diagrams
  • System calculations


  • Cargo arrangements
  • Deck lay outs
  • Internal lay-outs