Specialized Vessels and Naval Ships

MDC together with partners providing design for a range of spezialised vessels and naval ships.

MDC design portfolio includes several types of specialized and naval vessels, all designe to client specific reqiurements.


  • Ice Breaker - Polar Support Ship - Ice Breaker/AHTS/OSV - Polar Research Vessel
  • Oceanographic Survey Ship - Hydrographical Research Ship
  • Cable Laying/Maintenance Vessel
  • Core Drilling Vessel
  • Offshore Windmill Construction Vessel - Offshore Windmill Inspection and Support Vessel
  • Suction Dredger
  • Floating Crane Vessel/Barge
  • Power Supply Vessel/Barge – LNG Fuelled
  • Coast Guard Vessel
  • Auxiliary Oiler - Auxiliary Oiler/Replanisher - Fleet Support Ship
  • Offshore Patrol Vessel - Coastal Patrol Vessel - Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship
  • Fast Attack Craft

MDC is performing and delivering designs for a large range of spezialised vessels and naval ships.