Roll on - Roll off (RoRo) Cargo Ships

MDC is providing design for all types of RoRo cargo ships based on most efficient hullforms, propulsion and fuelling and cargo handling.

MDC is designing all types of RoRo cargo ships customized to owner and operator/charterers requirements.


  • Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Ship
  • Roll-on/off/Lift-off/on (RoLo) Ship
  • Roll-on/off/Lift-off/on Bulk Carrier (RoLoB) - Multi Purpose Cargo Carrier (MPC)
  • Car Ferry - Car/Trailer Ferry
  • Car Carrier (PCC) - Car/Truck Carrier (PCTC)
  • Car/Trailer/Train Ferry
  • Newsprint Carrier
  • Livestock Carrier
  • Landing Craft

MDC is preparing designs for all types of ro-ro cargo ships.